Opinions wanted - Please look at Idea Exchange

There are very few, if any, suggestions I found on the New Ideas exchange for the MyCloud EX2/EX4.  

I just posted a couple of ideas out there, and hope you might take a look, and “vote” for the idea(s) you feel might valuable enhancements to the firmware.  

Here are the links to save you some time, or feel free to simply go to the New Idea Exchange link and review the new ideas tab.

Add statistics to Admin dashboard 


Enable edit of remote backup jobs


thank you for considering them.  :smiley:

That’s the wrong board to post them - that one’s for My Cloud, Mirror and My Book Live products… EX2/EX4 ideas should be posted to this Ideas board (and that’s why you found almost none there) ->  http://community.wd.com/t5/Network-Product-Ideas/idb-p/network_ideas

The Ideas should be currently displayed in the correct locations. Please let me know if they are not redirecting you to the appropriate boards.