MyCloud EX2 - Enable Edit of remote backup jobs

Currently on the EX2, we have the ability to create remote backup jobs.  Once created, however, there is no way to EDIT the job.   In order to change any of the parameters on the job, one must delete the current job, and create a new job with the same job name as the one deleted to prevent a new copy of the source data to get backed up to the destination drive.

Please add the abiltiy to edit any one of or all the parameters of an existing Backup Job:

  1. Change / Add /  remove Shares to include in the backup (Source Folder(s))
  2. Change backup “TYPE” from Copy to Synchronize (or visa versa)
  3. Change job from Autoupdate OFF  to Autoupdate ON (or visa versa)
  4. Change the time the job is scheduled to run
  5. Change the frequency - Daily / Weekly / Monthly
  6. Change the Remote IP address
  7. Change the Remote device PW
  8. Change the Destination Folder

Idea submitted for voting.

Editing of remote backup jobs … I need this too. Very disappointed to find out that for a change in the password of the remote EX2, I have to recreate all of my multiple backup scripts.

Plse advise whether the Aug-2014 post and subsequent voting have led to the required update, or work-around … many thanks!

Thanks Rob for your interest in the suggestion I posted over 2 years ago. I updated the suggestion to include changing the Destination IP address & PW. For me, the destination IP address changes every few months, so I regularly have to re-create all my Remote Backup jobs.

I called support today and they advise this is by design! I do not yet see the sense of this design feature, though. They did confirm that, if you keep the backup script name (exactly) the same, then the recreated script will synchronize with the already existing remote backup files. Important for me as they constitute some 2TB of data. We’ll see …

Rob Proeme

Hi Rob,
I can confirm that keeping the backup script name EXACTLY the same does in fact synchronize. I have done this several times over the last few years.

You will also need to keep all the Source Share names exactly the same as well. The file structure on the backup device (remote) uses the Source Share names.

The EX2 seems to be an old model for WD, so I don’t see them investing in any enhancements for this product going forward. I have learned to tolerate it’s many limitations :frowning:


By Design? The design of an ■■■■■!
Through 30 years of writing business systems I have never once been asked to write a function to create a process but not let the user access it!

This is the design of laziness!

For the love of god!

And yet another year and I see this is still not changed. I agree this needs to be addressed and made a design change.

I have 4 PR4100’s 2 backing up to 2 and I need to be able to, at the very least, edit the times of the jobs from time to time. While I can confirm that keeping the same name maintains the original backup data, I hate having to delete and recreate backup jobs just to edit the frequency.

And, I despise slothfulness.