NZBGET PR2100 Categories Destination

I have nzbget running on my pr2100 I just cannot figure out how to set the destination. I followed instructions here [GUIDE] NZBGet 17 DL4100

Just having problems when I get to
"It’s best NOT to change any settings in the PATHS setting in nzbget. Just leave them as their default

I created a folder from my DL4100 dashboard called for example Downloads and just point to that where required in the Category settings. EX… /shares/Downloads"

any help is much appreciated, I am due for some sleep and hope to be able to resolve this tomorrow. Thanks again.

Figured this out, ignore me. Was in need of to much sleep.

Sharing the solution would be helpful to other Users in need.

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Just setup the paths in the web menu: Settings - Paths. It’s best to setup a Download share (or use the P2P one).

MainDir = /shares/P2P/nzbget

The rest is based from this path, the defaults are usually okay.