Not seeing DTS HDMA pass through option in latest update

I have firmare update 2.01.86 installed on my WD Live player, yet I’m not seeing the option for DTS HD MA passthrough for HDMI - only see DTS.  I purchased my player in 2011.  Is it too old to support that feature?  Do I need to purchase a new player to get DTS HD MA support?

DTS HD isn’t an “option.”  It is always on, as long as DTS is supported.

When I play a mkv with a DTS HD MA track, I only see DTS on my receiver so it appears to be playing the DTS core, not DTS HD MA.  When I play blu-rays, I can see DTS HD MA on my receiver.

Never mind.  I had to correct a setting on my receiver.  Now I see DTS HD MA.  Thanks for the quick response.