NO subtitles?

Just bought the WD TV Mini and an external hard drive  (My Passport - Smartware -  320 GB) .

I placed a couple of movies on the hard drive and at the same folders the subtitles ( srt).

Connected the devices and everything worked fine. The problem is that it doesn’t show the subtitles!

I checked that the movie and the subtitles have the same name and also watched the movies on my computer to see if something is corrupt. No problem at all. Both the movies and the subtitles play fine on my computer.

So, what is wrong?

By the way, the subtitles are Greek.

I asked at the shop I got them and they told me that maybe I should update the firmware of WD TV Mini. I downloaded the firmware update, placed it on the root folder of a Flash drive, but WD VT Mini didn’t recognize the file.

At the guide says:

Upon detecting a firmware update, the media player automatically opens a screen asking you if you want to apply the firmware update.

But this didn’t happen in my case.

Thank you

Just checking, did you go to the settings interface then to subtitle language and select Greek?

if you go to settings then about, it should give you the current version of FirmWare.  What is it?

Yes, I have changed the subtitle language to Greek…

The Version is 1.006 I think.

Updating your firmware is a good idea. The latest firmware did fix several issues related to subtitles. When you downloaded the firmware, it gets saved as a .zip file. Did you extract the zip to your flash drive, or did you just put the zip itself on the flash drive? You need to extract it and place the WDTV_mini.img file on your drive. If this is what you did and you’re still having trouble, let me know.

If the update does not fix your problem, do you think you could upload one of these subtitle files that you’re having trouble with so that I can try them to see why they’re not working?

I don’t know what have changed but now I can see the subtitles!

Yes, I extracted the zip file and placed the .img file on the root folder of the drive.

But my system never asked  or confirmed an update.

Is Version 1.006 the latest firmware version?

Could my device already have the latest version?

Yes, 1.00.60 is the latest version. That would explain why your WDTV wasn’t asking if you wanted to update your firmware.