No Media Library on WD TV Live

Last week I bought a WD TV Live to work with my WD My Book Duo which contains the media files and has the DLNA server enabled. Media Library is enabled on WD TV Live as well, but after several days the home screen still shows zero items for photos, video and music. The only way I can access the media is by going through Files, and slowly navigate through all the folders on my NAS. I even have to manually select the network share every time. This doesn’t seem right.

The manual for WD TV LIve says in a footnote on page 26:

Note: My Media Library does not appear on first use or if the media library is turned off (see “Media
Library” on page 197). It only appears if you have a USB drive attached or have added a network
attached storage drive to the Media Library list.

The underlined part may be my problem, but the manual never explains how to add a folder to the media library.  How do I do that? And, do I have to plug a USB drive to WD TV Live to store the lbrary? What’s the point of running the DLNA server on My Book Live Duo, then?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

You add the share to the media library via

Setup / System / Media Library / Media Library Manager

DLNA is a server for DLNA receivers.  Lots of other devices only do DLNA.

Perfect, thank you!