No IPLAYER on UK WDTV Live Streaming

Hi there

I bought a WDTV Live streaming off Amazon

However when I go to services there is netflix (i guess the usa one) and no iplayer.

Also the player defaults to pacific time.

When i change the time to british time and update the location (with the network installed) it says new location London but still doesn’t give me access to iplayer.

I tried pressing reset button underneath the player but that doesn’t revert me back to an earlier firmware, it just resets the locations settings…

Any ideas?


What WD live streaming player do you have and what firmware is installed. The reset does not change the firmware only the internal settings.

I came on this forum with the same issue - no iPlayer.

I have tried a factory reset via the menus a couple of times after establishing a UK location. I have yet to use the hardware reset button but will try that also.

Firmware is up to date.

It would help if you told us the model number of your player and firmware installed.

WD Streaming Live Player


FIRMWARE 1.12.14

Mine’s the same firmware although Dabs (the vendor) list the model as WDBGXT0000NBK-UESN.

OK, it appears that there is something wrong with WD’s location service and even though it is saying that we are in the UK its not showing the UK services which are basically iPlayer and Acetrax. I reset my location via the menu just now in response to another query and even though it says my location is United Kingdom I have now lost iPlayer and Acetrax.


 I’ve just bought the same product (same ID) and updated the firmware and have the same problem - no UK specific content, I bought it specifcally for JSTV. Very frustrating. Anybody got a hack or workaround.

Doubt it helps but I’m using a wired internet through a Virgin 30mb connection. Would a firewall be blocking the box from figuring out it is in the UK? (although when I reset location it comes back as UK)


when clicking netflix it shows me the UK version - at least it shows me an offer in £ which indicates it knows that it is in the UK

I just explained what is happening. I am in the UK and I had iPlayer, I reset the location which said I was in the UK (still) and lost iPlayer plus acetrax. There is something wrong with the location info from WD and its not telling the player to show the UK services.

I’ve just bought a WDTV Live SMP and have the same issue; firmware 1.12.14 and no iplayer or AceTrax.

Has anyone managed to get this sorted?

nope, still down

Still not working here for me either. I hope they get this sorted soon!

Same here, I raised a support ticket on Friday but haven’t heard anything back yet.  I’ll chase it up again…

I have been on to support several times over the last hour and twenty minutes. Followed all of their instructions (factory reset, roll back of firmware and update to latest firmware). None of it resolved the issue.

A ticket has now been raised to technical support. Fingers crossed we’ll hear something today.

I bought mine from Dabs fo Christmas but have just installed it.  I get Netflix but no BBC Iplayer; I have done factory reset but that makes no difference. Anyone go a clue as to waht is happenning. I i cannot get a fix the box is going back.

I have already explained on page 1 what the problem is and that its down to WD to sort it out. Can I suggest that everybody with the problem ring WD technical support and report it. The more people who report direct then the more chance of a quick resolution. The international free phone number from a landline is 00800 27549338 (you may have to pay using a mobile). Have your player serial number at hand when you call, it will be somewhere on the player / box or on the setup / device info screen.


I’m another UK owner who cannot access iPlayer.  I have phoned the 00800 number you recommended and they have have put the complaint through to the back office for action!

I wonder how long for something to happen?

I agree with RichUK - everyone who is suffering from this issue needs to call WD support and get the issue logged. The more tickets raised for this, the quicker they will resolve it.

WD Streaming Live Player


FIRMWARE 1.12.14

Bought this player from Amazon UK on the 12/01/13 - I get Nexflix but no iplayer too - ugh!

I will call WD on 00800 27549338 and report the problem - wish they fix it soon as it’s very annoying!

Glad I’m not alone though.