New to My Cloud - trying to establish workflow, sync with Lightroom, and other questions


I’m new to using My Cloud and there are still many things I’m trying to figure out. Disclaimer: I’m coming from a Dropbox background and might therefore have wrong expectations.

I have installed the My Cloud App on my iPad and the My Cloud Sync on my Mac. I already have several folders in My Cloud, which I do see in the App on my iPad, however, they do not show up in My Cloud Sync on the Mac. When I add folders on the Mac, they are being synced with the Cloud, though.

How do I get to see the folders that are in the cloud (with no local copy), already?
What are easy ways to batch upload files into the cloud? And access them without a local copy for potential download - is this only possible through the browser interface?

I’m also trying to understand how to best integrate this into my use of Lightroom, as I want to use My Cloud primarily for my photos and being able to access them from multiple devices. My dream is as following and I’m not quite sure yet it’s actually possible to do this.

  • save photos from SD card into My Cloud, either through Mac or through iPad
  • link photos in LR to My Cloud source just as I currently have all my photos on an external hard drive that LR references, with no local copy
  • being able to access those photos through LR either on Mac or iPad and sync all edits

I know I can sync LR between Mac and iPad, but I haven’t yet figured out how to access and link photos in the cloud. As mentioned above, they don’t even show up in my My Cloud Sync folder on my Mac and on my iPad I have to manually download them before being able to open them in LR CC mobile. I tried following the instructions in the last post in this thread Lightroom creative cloud raw but they’re greyed out when trying to access them directly from within LR.

My whole main idea of getting My Cloud is to save local disk space while easily being able to access files from anywhere.

Any help is much very much appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you haven’t done so already read the My Cloud User Manual ( [ as it explains in general terms how to access the My Cloud and it’s features/content from computers and mobile devices. One configures the Shares on the My Cloud through the My Cloud Dashboard. This includes remote/cloud access to one’s My Cloud.

For local network access one can use a file manager on their computer or mobile device. It helps to “map” a Share to the computer for easy/quick access.

For mobile devices there are a number of “file manager” type apps that allow access to a local network NAS device like the My Cloud. On Android I use ES File Explorer.

For remote network My Cloud access this become more complicated and limited. Generally one is limited to using the WD apps or the insecure FTP access (when enabled through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings). To avoid the limitations of the WD apps/software for remote access one could setup a VPN server on their network to facilitate a secure VPN tunnel to the local network (and My Cloud) when on a remote network. This way one could use Mac Finder/Windows File Explorer to access their My Cloud remotely through a VPN tunnel.

My apologies for my late reply, I’ve been really busy, lately.

Thank you for your response. I’ve read through the links but still am not quite sure on certain things. I’m particularly looking into ways to map the My Cloud remotely through FTP.

I’m looking at MountainDuck - has anyone used this? I’m not quite sure what to enter and it’s not a default option to select from (dropbox, for example, is).

I also came across this thread: Mount MyCloud in finder from different network

So, does that mean it’s not possible?

I haven’t bought the WD My Cloud, yet, and am testing with my parent’s. This would actually be a dealbreaker for me as I can’t do what I primarily want to use it for.