New software

Someone has access to the new beta software??? it’s based on Debian with latest kernel, it’s gonna improve a lot of things for us who are using Open Media vault


Where did you find this?
Funny that it seems based on Docker for third party app, where on OS5 Docker was not an option until people complained and it’s now not an seamless option.

I just receive this email today, I signed in to the beta releases, but I had Debian 11 installed, and currently I’m using my NAS, so I can’t receive the update (it’s a push update) unless I go back to the original firmware (losing all my data in the process). If someone has an original My Cloud Home Duo updated to this firmware and share a software image of the emmc, I greatly appreciated.

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I am surprised they did not fully converge with OS5 at least for the underneath system and keep a simplified interface and I guess KDDFS because of legacy.

My cloud home Duo… seems identical.


Hmm… :thinking: good news, wait new GPL version :wink:


OMG :heart_eyes:
Cant wait for final release

8.2.0-132 its “Limited Public Release

when will it be for everyone? and any new feature?

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I just received an app notification about “your operating system was updated”

Where did you find the MAC Address?
Is something like this: 00:18:ee:00:dg:32?

Is WD Discovery unchanged? How about the web UI?

correct, the simpliest way is getting from your internet provider router’s webpage…in my case, i typed on any browser…

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its the same UI…only thing i noticed at very beginning was a Pop-up banner explaining about the remaining social media integration: only facebook, one drive, google drive and google photos survived

Are there any news in the settings?

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nope, same options as before

Did the Docker service promised in the advertisement appear?

What about “Do more” section? Any change?

Regarding the Mac adress you can also check it at the bottom of the device.

About the update, I still didn’t get it, but I believe the update @AugustoGeovanny is talking is not the new “big one” everybody is expected (or at least I hope so).

Edit: I just noticed that, in fact, that version is the one WD mentioned… Oh gosh, in that case what’s this all about? Will we eventually get an update on the app as well?