New Release - Firmware Version 1.03.10 for WD TV Live Streaming Media Player (10/6/11)

WD is happy to announce our latest firmware update for the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player.  



Please post your experiences in this thread.  

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Will Western Digital upgrade the software for the TV Live Plus HD beyond release 1.06.15 to enhance its functionality with the improved user interface, option to use a USB keyboard, etc. found on the new model of the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player referenced in this post?

USB Keyboards are already supported (and have been for some time) in both the Live / Live+.

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Thank you for that information.  I never knew that USB keyboards were supported – probably not many owner do.  What about the “other” improvements?  It would be nice to have the benefit and know that I don’t have a dead-end product.

Watchmavin wrote:

Thank you for that information.  I never knew that USB keyboards were supported – probably not many owner do. 

It’s documented and described in a number of locations in the manual.

Yes, you are right.  The manual does talk about the use of a USB keyboard.  I just missed that.  The question still is whether WD will continue to support and upgrade the functionality of software in the TV Live Plus HD.

As I understand it, they are working on the next firmware updates for the Live and Live Plus.  What happens after that still remains to be seen.  I will definitely notify the community if there are any major changes in supporting these products.

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This information is very encouraging and appreciated.  Having only recently acquired the TV Live Plus, I consider an ongoing software improvement program important (as opposed to planned obsolescence) to retain customer loyalty.  Thank you.

Thanx for that :slight_smile:

I am still p??d because of the Apple Lion upgrade :frowning: Since then I cannot use my WDTV Live HD mediaplayer as I planned it. I keep travelling with my external HD up and down the stairs :frowning:

WIth kind regards

When willl a Firmware update bring Gapless Audio Playback ?

Its been “PLANNED” since WD TV 1

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Who says its planned? That website you linked has no official affiliation with WD…

WD said it was PLANNED … look liek Scott to me … they used to use this site before we got this community !

Does this new player really have lipsync delay setting? If yes, I am buying one ASAP.

It does.

That function is available for all media types EXCEPT DVD (in DVD mode.  Non-DVD mode playback still has that function.)

It’s a tad buggy, though…  Don’t PAUSE / FF / or RW, or you’ll need to re-adjust the delay.  WD is aware of that issue.

Darn… Another Update without HBO GO and Amazon Prime…  :(

All of my other devices have these services…  why not the best one on the market? 

I got the new WDTV Live yesterday from Bestbuy. Spotify was not on the original firmware but is on 1.03.10. I updated last night and got it working with premium subscription. However, Spotify is still quite buggy for me. If you press to scroll once to the left or to the right, the app scrolls like 3-4 times by itself. 

I also often lose internet connection using the WDTV built-in single band wireless N which I never experienced with my previous WDTV Live with a USB dual band wireless adapter on 5ghz. I don’t know if it’s a problem with my 2.4ghz band but my phone that is connected to that band has stable connection.

I hope there’s a way to fix that and maybe also have an option to turn off the built-in wireless and have support for dual band usb adapters. Anyway, that’s just my first impression. A little buggy but understandable since this is still new. I just hope the community can help vastly improve this device like what they did with the last few versions of WDTV.  This is my 3rd WDTV and I’m still loving it.

By the way, can we come up with a unique name for this version of WDTV Live so that it can be easier to search on the web? This confuses with the previous version of WDTV Live. Thanks!

WD TV Live Streaming Issue Reporting

I encourage all of you who are having issues with the WD TV Live Streaming to submit them there. Equally important, if you see an issue posted by someone else, and you are also experiencing the same problem – upvote it!

We will be using this system to help prioritize issues reported by our users. It is our goal to try and address the issues that are most important to you.

Please be sure to include the details listed on the announcements bar, as this will speed up our investigation of your issues.

PS: We also have an Issue Reporting board for WD TV Live Hub.

Just a question, does this new wd tv still have a HDMI handshake issue and can it play 10bit mkv file?  since that’s  my problem with my current wd tv live. thanks!

I have a WD TV Live Streaming Media player with the latest firmware.

I have 2 problems with the firmware, one as a consequence of the other

  1. Some of my MP4 videos either do not play or play for about 30Secs then the message that this file type is not supported and to check the list of supported file types.

All of the files play correctly with VLC, BS Player and a borrowed Apple TV. They were all converted using Winx.

  1. The is the most annoying issue, as I can re-convert the offending MP4s given the time. Once any of these MP4 videos has stopped playing the WD TV Live has to be restarted otherwise any other video envokes the same error message.

All other video formats don’t seem to exhibit this problem, only some MP4’s

Otherwise the WD TV Live is great.



If you are still around could you please tell me what is a good dual band usb to buy for the older live plus? I had a new spare one and gave it to my sister as a gift last night. She is going to have to do wireless . For that matter what is a good dual band router? She currently has a cisco from the draft n era. Thanks!