New Power supply adapter to WD My Book


I have unfortunately lost my power supply adapter for my My Book. S/N: WCAU47536219.

I have already tried to buy a new one, but havn’t found one that can power it up after having tried three different ones.

Can anyone guide me to the right adapter for it? Maybe it has turned defect, but i really hope not.


I no longer have my My Book. But I did have to buy a replacement PS for it. The one I bought had an issue with the plug on the PS not fitting properly into the port on the My Book. So it wouldn’t even try to power up until I pushed it in a little harder. Sometimes I had to wiggle it a little. So I ended up replacing the connector on the PS to the My Book. Sometimes the molded plugs have a little too much plastic causing them to not fit all the way into the socket on the My Book. If that’s the case then you can use a hobby knife to trim a little of it off so it will insert fully into the socket on the My Book.