New My Passport Ultra Set Up Problems

A fresh out-the-box WD My Passport Ultra is not working on my Dell Laptop running XP. The laptop uses hard drives of various types without any problem. When this new one was connected the software run successfully but when I go to the file manager the drive cannot be seen. Any thoughts? Thanks for your time
Cape Town

Pretty sure all the My Passport Ultras leaving the factory are formatted GPT Partition Style … which is not compatible with Windows XP 32-Bit (which only supports MBR)

(GPT is supported on WinXP 64-Bit, Win 7,8,10)

Guess you’ll have to use WD Quick Formatter (and choose XP Compatible mode) and backup any supplied software before you wipe the drive.

More Info Here …

Thank you for that suggestion. It worked.

good to hear :slight_smile:

please tag it as “Solved” … thanks

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