New look forum... as if it wasn't already slow enough

… they go and add a nice, high-res graphic.

I use a number of forums. This has, by a country mile, the longest page load of any of them, on all platforms, phone, tablet, desktop, iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

Stop messing about with pretty graphics and sort out the basic function.

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Hi @cpt_paranoia - I’m not experiencing any kind of slowdown (in my experience discourse forums including the WD Community are almost always much faster than most) even on a 3G (not 4G) tethered connection. The page and all images load up nearly instantly even after clearing cache. Could you provide some details for @bill_s about the environment you are running in?

EDIT: None of the graphics look high resolution to me… for example the Announcement logo is a 5kb gif…

It’s been appallingly slow since it first went live. I suspect it hasn’t got any slower, and my post was in frustration that you appear to be concentrating on style over content. I’ll grant you that the summary boxes at the top are probably a good idea.

It’s slow on all the access platforms I use

XP/SP3/Firefox 17
Win7/SP1/Firefox 47
Android 4.2/Chrome latest
Android 4.2/Firefox latest
Android 6.0/Chrome latest
Android 6.0/Firefox latest

But especially slow on Android; just tried it on 6.0, and it takes about 15 seconds to load a thread (yeah, yeah, “you think that’s slow: you should have tried 300 baud modems”. I did. And 1200/75)

All the other forums I load quickly (< 2 seconds) on those platforms.

Android 4.4.2/Chrome 50/1.3GHz Rockchip RK3188, plenty of memory, recent reboot, 10Mbps download link. Just took 28 seconds to load a page. Other forums still taking < 2 seconds.

cpt_paranoia, I am not experiencing any slowdown issues at all with either Firefox or Edge with windows 10. No issues with IOS either. Maybe the issue is related to your system? Try clearing your browser cache?

Multiple systems, different networks.

Cache regularly cleared.

Plenty of free memory.

ONLY HAPPENS WITH THIS FORUM. I think that’s probably the clincher…

Yeah, sorry, I’m not seeing any issues either. The styles are basic. Well, relatively basic. But I’m using less styles, now, than I was before. Mobile is quick for me as well. Android only takes a couple of seconds to load a topic.

Are you blocking anything? Cookies? JavaScript? Or, are you in an environment (like work) where they might blocking things? Cause that would cause issues.

No problems here … new website layout is loading as fast as the old one :slight_smile:

Firefox 48.0.2 on Win7 (SP1) PC and Android Lollipop / Marshmallow Default Browser on my Phone / Tablet / Android Box RK3368 / Amlogic S905X