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I’m not sure ICBA to continue contributing; waiting for a thread to display is just too painful. I can almost hear a 2400 baud modem whining…

My other thoughts posted here:

Good luck.

Yeah, lots of ajax but cool though all looks pale :stuck_out_tongue: User device browsing the pages need some good ram. Suggest to stick to mobile viewport if you’re browsing from your phone. Take a look at the ram usage :weary: comparable to hours of trolling in FB lol…

One thing though I don’t understand why decide to switch to TLS just for a community forum? The referrer trace will be lost when a user clicks onto non-HTTPS links. No other normal site would notice if someone came from this forum. Also not to mention the security warnings due to mixed HTTP/HTTPS contents.

The mouse focus is wrong (in Chrome on Android and Firefox on PC), when selecting from lists of threads. The mouse focus is too low, so that it selects the thread below the obvious mouse position.

I thought it was just a bit of finger trouble on an android tablet touchscreen, but it behaves the same on Firefox on a PC using a conventional mouse pointer.

Editing posts with any formatting is dangerous; formatting gets lost or broken.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to specify anything other than basic font (so you can’t use courier_new to distinguish commands from general post text). The HTML font tags were still there, but they don’t work.

I don’t want to use this:

indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

as it’s not what I want to do.

@cpt_paranoia thanks for the info - Some of those may be on our end, so we will investigate and see what can be fixed- I’ll also bring them to the attention of the team at Discourse to see if anything can be done about that ram usage @Nazar78 was talking about .

EDIT: Can I get some basic info on your systems guys? Browser, browser version, and OS/OS Version.

Can’t upload a profile picture.

The dialogue comes up, offering the auto-generated, Gravatar and upload picture options, but no matter how many times I click on the ‘Upload Picture’ button, nothing happens.

If I hit ‘Save Changes’ after selecting ‘Add a custom picture’ radio button, it comes back and tells me “Sorry, but the avatar you have selected is not present on the server. Can you try uploading it again?”.

No, apparently I can’t upload it the first time, let alone again…

PC XP Firefox 17.0.6 (don’t ask…)

Hi @cpt_paranoia - I just tested in the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome and was able to upload an avatar without issue - I suspect this may be related to the ancient firefox version…

Can you attach the avatar you want to use to your response? I’d be happy to upload it for you.

Thanks. I’ll try at home, where I have a more recent Firefox.

As you can see, upload worked on more recent (but still old) Firefox 33.

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Glad to see it’s working :smile:

btw if you upload your image to gravatar, it’ll follow you around to other (supported) websites as well - saves the hassle of having to upload it to each individual site.

I don’t join enough online communities to make that worthwhile. And I don’t necessarily want the same avatar on each. So, gravatar? meh.