New FW causes to the device stuck every 20 minutes

Is this just my specific device or this is a problem of this series?
Lately I updated the firmware, and since I did it, the device stucks (do not respond at all, cannot even reboot it, only unplug and plug to the power again). Works about 20 minutes, and then dies. Anyone else has this problm too?

WD guys, do you test at all the FW you release? Looks like you do not…

I am having the exact same issue!
It wont shut down with button, just says it is and does nothing. Will not respond to lan or wan login nor with network shares.
It will ping local.

Another user has the same issue, they got “escalated”

I found a very simple solution - just to downgrade the FW to the previous version from this page:

Read the instructions on how to upgrade manually, but not with the file that they provide (they provide the last buggy fw), instead, use the previous one:
Just download the file and follow to install instructions

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Thank you, I couldn’t locate the previous firmware. How did you find it?
I got it rolled back and the auto update off.

WD if you read this, let us know if your next firmware resolves what ever the issue was.
I went through 739 logs and found nothing out of the ordinary, no system faults, no critical errors other then the ones i created.

When I downloaded the last FW, I have mentioned that the URI is pretty similar to the filename, it was
So I supposed that the previous version of FW (2.11.168) should be, in similar manner, named as
I just put it in Chrome, and voila!

Are you still having issues?

I am finding mine still freezes up.

Yes, for some reason, it freezes again.
F*** WD! Junk, sorry for the day I bought this piece of sh***

I found the issue, but you are probably not going to like it… And hopefully JBOD not raid, raid recovery is more painful.
Its an issue with the database file on drive 1, and it seems to put it in a loop…
I haven’t been able to determine exactly what about the config causes the loop, but ■■■■ it, I don’t work for WD.

I hope your drive 1 is small, it took me for ever to recover a 2Tb drive.

  1. Save your current config from the web gui (if you want, i didnt)

  2. Grace-full or yank cord shut down of nas (if you are not using the nas itself to copy drive 1 files)

  3. Depending on what you have, either:
    A: Copy all your files from Drive 1 what ever you used.
    B: Install drive 1 disk in another computer (linux will direct see, windows will require the software)
    C: Powered usb sata reader

  4. I used the software, you should see /mnt/HD/XXXXXX open any of the ones that have the large capacity, mine shows 3. I used /mnt/HD/HD_c2

  5. After you recover your folders and files, delete the partitions to completely blank the drive.

  6. Remove all other drives.

  7. Use the newly blank out drive into bay 1 boot (takes for ever)

  8. After you can log in, do a full reset (quick).

  9. Upgrade the firmware to current.

  10. After that painfully forever step is done and system is rebooted, re-upload your saved config file if you wanted to save it.

  11. Make sure users transferred over if not, make them again. I didn’t save config i just irately did flat out blank and start over.

  12. After all that ■■■■ is done, reinsert second drive back into slot 2, after the lights go solid again, log in.

  13. When you log in it will ask you to something about a roaming drive and if you want to integrate it so it don’t decay. Pick yes (depending on size take fucking for ever).

  14. Rinse and repeat with each drive.

  15. Make sure all your settings and users are correct.

Day 2 on new firmware and no lock ups!
I am currently in a battle with slow speeds (5MB xfer rates)… I cant remember what I did last time to fix this annoying ■■■■! But yea I am building a new sever for a nas and if I buy a premade one, it will not be another WD.

The step of removing all other drives is critical if you wish to keep your data!

made a ton of edits of the post for the steps

I have a RAID on all my drives (it was stupid decision as I can see now), so it won’t work in my case.
■■■■ WD! Will never buy anything with their ■■■■■■■ label

What raid level are you and how many disk in the raid?

My S5 I had after being fixed over and over was also having software update problems downloads the update then you click on download now or later anyway same happened get’s up to 25% then stops download failed so many reports go to Samsung but the problem always remained plus all Samsung should be OFFICIAL nothing else other problems among many I think was the mother board they put in don’t think it was a samsung motherboard which I think half of my problem with my phone stimulated from that and poor phone repairs I eventually gave up after factory reset 4 times on my phone nothing worked so I bought me a new Samsung Galaxy A7 problem over … All phones need original Samsung parts in them not just anything just to fix the phone it dose not work ShowBox