New Fios Router / NAS drive visibility intermittent

Verizon upgraded our Fios router the other day to Rev F.  Since then, the MyBook Live NAS drive has mostly been invisible.  BTW, I’m running Mountain Lion.

The Mac connected to the router via Ethernet seems to have better luck; on occasion, it can see and back up to the drive.  

The wirelessly connected Macs sometimes show the drive under “Shared”, but the drive’s name is lowercase and Time Machine won’t back up to it.  Weirdly, the drive comes and goes for both computers.  

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  

Hi, go to the MBL dashboard and check if you have the latest firmware update installed.

The latest firmware was installed.  The drive continues to show up under “Shared” in Finder windows.  Oddly enough, it shows up in lowercase letters rather than “gdrive2” rather than “GDrive2” which is what I named it.  It CAN be accessed.  However, Time Machine does not “see” it and thus I cannot back up to the MBL.  Another Mac that is connected to the router via Ethernet CAN access the MBL for TIme Machine backups.  But no Mac accessing it wirelessly can back up to it.


Ok, I think I know what the issue might be.

I have a Verizon ActionTec MI424-WR (Rev E) – and I remember the “Default” config for the Verizon boxes puts the WIRELESS network on a different subnetwork than the WIRED clients.

Check the IP address of your Wired Clients versus Wired clients – and see if they’re on the same “Subnet.”

“Correct” Example:





Wireless:  (Note the third “octet” is different.)

Let me know if that’s the case and I’ll try to walk you through the “Fix.”

I’m afraid the third octets are all as they should be.  All 192.168.1.xx  

Any other ideas?

Just one other note:  when I click on the WD Quick View icon at the top my screen, all I get is “About WD Quick View”.  On the ethernet-connected Mac, there’s also the name of the drive with a green light and the option to select Dashboard and the other choices.

Okay.  Found the issue after scouring the web.  In the event anyone else is having this problem, Wireless QoS (WMM) must be turned off under “Other Advanced Wireless Options” and IGMP Proxy must be turned off under “Advanced”.  

Now my Mac sees the NAS Drive and can back up to it.  QuickView is restored and everything is great.