My Book Live + Fios Router + PS3/Xbox

Ok so i have an issue with my 3tb MBL not being recognized by my PS3/XBOX360 wirelessly.

If I connect my xbox360 with a wired connection to my FIOS Actiontec MI424WR-GEN3I router then it reads the folders and i can play the files, although of late some .avi files stutter when played on the 360, while if i put that file on a usb flash drive and play it, then its fine.

My XP desktop (wired) reads the MBL just fine, my Win7 Laptop (wireless) reads the MBL fine.

The only problems i’m having is with the PS3 and 360 over a wireless connection.

I had tried turning off IGMP and QOS WMM after reading  this thread and still have had no luck with it.

I even updated to the latest firmware and tried to install WD Media Server and that still didn’t work, I installed Twonky back on it and still no dice.

Please any help will be grateful.


You might have a low bandwidth problem, be sure to connect the My Book to a router that supports Gigabit connections to avoid stutter. 

A couple questions.

  • The avi files that stutter, how big are they? I have had the same problem with my xbox. I don’t think the xbox caches as much as other media players, and so if the drive is being accessed by something else it will start stuttering.

  • Can you see the media server using Windows Media Player from your wireless laptop, while it is wireless?

This would tell us if your FiOS router is passing the DLNA traffic.