Network Share with Security

I have a 3TB MyCloud connected to my WIFI router.  I have 3 PCs on the network.  I want to back up data from each PC to the MyCloud.  However, I only want myself to have access to the backups, but I want to have that access from any of the 3 PCs.  When my assistants are working on any PC, I dont want them to have access.

I want to be able to browse the Network, click on the folder within the MyCloud, and have it ask for a username and password.

I have a Private Share folder set up on the MyCloud.  I have a User VAL set up with access to the Private Share.  I give Full Access to Val on that Share, but it seems that I can go to any of the 3 computers and have access to the folder without any type of security.

Am I missing something basic?

When you say “Access” are you talking about someone being able to see the shares or being able to upload/download from the share?

I assume you and Val have different logins and passwords. Have you checked the credentials of each PC and cleared them from when you logged into the PC and Val logs into the same PC?

I don’t have a log in to the computer.  I believe that she has only 1 log in - I definately do not have a log in.

Where do I clear the credentials?  She doesn’t shut down very often.  Is the clear function in the WD gui or is it in the PC.

each user you create has share/s. You give access to any share you like. Full control, no control etc.

each user name you create has a toggle for password.

each user will connect with username and password. each user will only see the shares he is given permission too.

review your user and shares setup. check the manual.

I have 3 machines too (children). each child must provide a username and passowrd to connect. Each child can only see the public share and his own share. nothing else.

the app is missing a feature. If you conencted once with a different user (on same machine) then there is no way to change users and it will always connect with that user.

uninstall and reinstall the desktop app.

That is exactly what I want.

So when you are on a PC and you go to Windows Explorer, and browse to the WD MyCloud, and you click on a Share - it asks you for a user name and password?

I only have 1 user and 4 different shares.

NO it only asks the first time you set it up. After that it will not ask since only one user (the first user that used it for the first time) is allowed to use it on that PC and he/she will only see the shares that were setup for him/her and the Public share.

The first time it is setup it will show all user names, choose the one that you want to use on that PC only. After that it will not ask again for the above reason.

if on the other hand they try to access via explorer (network) then he/she can see all shares but must provide username and password (pop up window) to see shares.

so be careful when going to another pc is to use her/his username only as Windows might save credentails then you have to clean it up via credential manager in control panel.

Would any of what is said above help me with my problem