Has anyone else had problems with Netflix over the last day or two? It was working fine. For some reason I now get the message ‘unable to connect to Netflix’ 502

mines doing the same. it was fine and suddenly today im getting the unable to connect message.  i thought i might be in luck after the firmware update, but nope.  its really annoying as id planned to watch a few films that are due to be taken off netflix tomorrow. 

After doing an auto update to 1.07.15, Netflix has vanished from the Services menu completely.  I wasn’t having any problems with Netflix before the update but obviously I am now.   The Netflix ESN number still shows up in the Online Services Info.  I am in the United States.

Supposedly, if you’re having that problem, resetting the device will trigger the geolocation again and will fix it.

Same here, I can not see the Netflix app, what’s going on?

No Netflix, No Happy. :angry:

I am in Costa Rica, but we have the Netflix Service here… why i can not see the Netflix app?

Reset done, no Netflix yet…

Strange, my Netflix is now working again

Even though the Netflix app does work in Latin American countries, it is not officially supported by the WD TV Live SMP, except in Brazil.

Now that WD thought of the brilliant idea of adding a geolocation check to the device when upgrading the firmware (and when resetting it, apparently), you won’t be able to make it work. I recommend that you downgrade to a previous version of the firmware. It should appear with that, but you may need to reset the device again after applying the downgrade.

Check here:

Also, you could try VPN’ing your whole network to appear with an American IP address, and then resetting the device. It may work, and the Netflix app may stick, even if you return to your normal IP address afterwards. According to Bill_S, the geolocation check is only done when applying the firmware upgrade, and when resetting the device.

I use a transparent squid proxy to load balance between two service providers.  When I dropped the proxy, the geolocation worked and Netflix came back (along with some other services).  I am really in the US and both service providers have US IP space.  However, I can understand why WD might want to detect the use of a proxy and defeat it, but this is just guesswork on my part.

Hi Strider_Nemesis

Thanks a lot!!!, I did the downgrade, it works great! Now, my wdtvlive was telling me that there is a new firmware 2…x.x.x, I can’t recall the version number (I’m at work right now). Should I apply it or not.? Or Should I keep it as it is now?

That’s probably because it’s still detecting the downgrade firmware files from your USB drive. Remove it, and the device should go back to telling you that the newest firmware is 1.07.15, instead of 2.X.X.

Ok, Thanks!!!

I’ve escalated this thread.  Someone should be looking into this by Monday. 

Add me to the list of victims. Performed the firmware update and lost the Netflix icon. When I was in the media library and clicked the Dashboard, Netflix was still listed as a favorite, and I could access it that way. To try and fix it, I performed a factory reset and re-answered all the questions, re-attached to wireless, etc. Netflix is still gone, but now so are my favorites… This is truly aggravating since Netflix (obviously) was a favorite, and I was just starting to get my family used to the idea of using the SMP for Netflix and streaming our movie library, rather than the TiVo.

Hello vfrdirk,

Same here, but, I did the rollback, and the box is fine now… I strongly recommend to all those who have this problem to do the same.

vfrdirk , check this URL

Yup. I followed the instructions and, after briefly bricking the unit, was able to reset it and backlevel the firmware to the latest one in the list you linked. I have it working, kid is happy to be watching a Netflix show again, and I’m off the hook for ruining peace and tranquility in the house.

Good for your Kid and good for you!!!

We are sorry to hear that you are not able to access your Netflix subscription and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.  We wanted to let you know that at this time, WD and Netflix are currently investigating this issue and are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.  We may continue to contact WD Community members directly for additional information regarding your configuration and we appreciate any assistance you can give us in solving this issue. You may also feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Western Digital does provide the ability to roll back firmware updates on our media player products which we have seen resolve this issue for some customers.  The following page provides instructions on how to roll back the firmware: