Netflix account

my netflix account got hijacked and i had to reset my password  and later  had to get a new account.

WDTV live + HD not only does not allow multiple netflix account (unlike pandora)  but requires me to reset factory options and that means re enter all my settings from initial [Deleted]

Dear WDTV i hope you are watching this link because your development plans are worst than a 5 year old to link accounts to a master file.

Does anyone have an alternate solution other from FACTORY reset ?

Thanks in advance

Just a “Clear Online Service Info” in the reset menu is all that’s required.

tony thanks for the quick reply

I hope the WDTV support knows about the solutionbecause i spent 15 + minutes with them and they insist on factory reset.

Before i perform what you suggested   -  does that also erase my family’s pandora accounts and blockbuster and hulu accounts from the system ??

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YES.   It erases the credentials to *ALL* online service accounts.

Still better than resetting the WHOLE BOX, though…

agree  that its better than resetting the whole box

and thank you

which menu is it located ?

is this the one  =  “erase content license key”

unfortunately   "erase content license key"   this function does not erase the user setups

Maybe you meant something else TonyPH

Please provide more info how i can erase my user accounts so i can enjoy netflix again

Yeah, my mistake.   I guess that menu item is only on the HUB.   I would have figured they were the same…

Go to FAQ section and section 4j. There is a code: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, UP, UP (arrows on remote). Brings up a pop-up. Follow on-screen commands (back or start again or something). Select start again by hitting enter and then exit out of Netflix and restart app. Should ask you to fill-in new member info again.

Worked for me last night when I changed accounts (prior netflix account already in WD had expired, signed by a new one with new email & so had to change the info and didn’t want to to do the factory reset).

Hope that helps. Worked for me at least.

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