STRANGE problem with Netflix!

This one I am not sure how to address.
When I logged into Netflix today it asked me which user I wanted to logon as; I don’t have any profiles set, and if I do it certainly is NOT the names there were to choose from!  They were distintly foreign, German or Russian sounding actually.
What the **bleep** is going on???
Do I need to delete and reinstall Netflix, and if so how the heck do I do that!?
Do I have to do some kind of hard reset???
My world is spinning!
I don’t know what to do.
************************************>Problem Solved; new refurb unit; someone left login and password!
upupdowndownleftleftrightrightupupupup will allow you to reset the password in netflix in anyone was ever curious!

Clear the online service accounts. That will log it out. Restart netflix and it will ask you to sign in again.

That would have worked too but with that code it only affected Netflix and none of the other accounts, but, for future reffrence, how do you get to where you clear the online accounts?

Settings / system settings / device reset / …