Need some help with Gen 3 media player

Joey is there any way you could talk me through the steps of putting the official firmware back on my gen 3 i have read the readme file a couple of times but dont totally understand the steps thank you and i appreciate it very much

There’s 2 way to get back to running a stock WDTV …depending on custom firmware type you’re using.

First Method: If you’re using the flashdrive inserted method (2.02.32-EXT3_Palace_Plus-0.1.4)

then simply double the win-homebrew-stockify.bat script then check the homebrew is disabled by clicking win-homebrew-status.bat … if all good, then power off the WDTV and remove the flashdrive

Second Method: If you have “flashed” custom firmware on your WDTV … then the first thing you need to do if find out what version you are running.

eg. on your WDTV Remote, press SETUP button, then select ABOUT … you should see something like this …example: 1.02.21.WDLXTV_LIVE-

Now … download any Official WD Firmware (does not matter if it’s the oldest or newest)

Once downloaded … open the wdtvlivegen3.ver using Microsoft Notepad (or any word editor)

you will see something like this …


Now, if you are running WDLXTV (as per the exmaple above … 1.02.21.WDLXTV_LIVE-

You need to edit the Official WD Firmware “version” to Exactly that, BUT with a Higher Number (to trigger the “Detected New Firmware” prompt on the WDTV

Example: Editing the WD Firmware *.ver file


Save and close Notepad … then go through the normal firmware flashing procedure (don’t worry about version numbers the WDTV reports)

At the end of a Successful WD Firmware Flash … if you check Setup > About, you will see the WDTV will report the correct Official Firmware Number

Joey thank you so much for your help with both my gen 2 plus and gen 3 both are back on official firmware and ready for resale

no worries

Joey i have a quick question a buddy of mine wants to buy one of my wf units but his tv does not have hdmi only composite and component do you know of an aftermarket av component or composite cable that will work on these units i know that the pin placement on the 3.5mm jack and the wiring has to be correct for it to work properly i tried one that i had at home for my camcorder but couldnt get it to work on the component i found a deal on the internet about hooking it up to the composite side that i will try tonight but it uses all 3 plugs so i am guessing no audio unless you use the optical for audio

just swap the colored plugs around where you plug them in … read this old post of mine (i still applies to the Gen 3)