Need help: want to understand metadata use and editing

Hello, I’ve been compiling a fully digital movie library of al my DVD/BD films. I am using yammm to add data to each folder each movie is located. It works great but some I will Ned to manually fix. My question is what are the file types uses by wdtv live to read the movie metadata? Is there any programs like yammm that do similar functions? I get the folder.jpg and the copy of it named exactly like the folder/movie but the rest I’d like to get more educated. So basically can someone educate me on files and how they are used, and how to add details like director, actor, date, plot…etc. Thank you for your help. Geoff

SMP uses XML files.

You are not going to be able to edit what you want using the default Mochi theme.
You run “get content info” and the SMP gathers all this info for you. If you want more direct control over this information and the way it is displayed - consider grabbing a theme and tweaking the XML and image files.