Need help saving from excel to My cloud on IOS!

I am trying to get some files in Excel on IOS (IPad) to move into a specific folder on a wd mycloud. Any ideas?

Are you using or have you tried using the WD My Cloud app for iOS?


I am pretty sure you need to do something like this on a computer. It is not possible to upload files other than photos to the My Cloud device. Another person here is having same issue with Word files. I suggested he email the file to himself, open email on his computer, save the attachment, and then it can be copied from computer onto My Cloud device. This works; I have done it with files.

If the iOS app is like the Android app then one can use the My Cloud app on the iOS to “upload” the file from your iPad to the My Cloud. Using the mobile app, navigate to the location on the My Cloud where you want to upload the file(s) too. Then hit the menu option and you should have the option to “Upload” among other options. Here is what it looks like on an Android device:

From there follow the onscreen menus. The Android app gives the user the option to choose files from the Android Gallery, from the music files folder, or open the “SD card” location so one can chose any file on the Android device to upload.

this is not an option on the iOS version

That is the unfortunate conclusion that i am coming to as well. I have people that do field work on tablets and need to upload the reports they do to My Cloud. no laptops involved. I guess they will all have to email them to me if I cannot find another option. This problem would seem to be more of an Apple issue than a My Cloud issue from what i am seeming from the Android counterpart that Bennor provided.

Right on Chris, the Android app trumps the iOS app here, and it definitely is an Apple issue. In fact, regarding some other issue I discussed on forum with a WD support person who said, in so many words, “The Apple OS is a locked system in many ways” and therefore, the WD app programmers have to work with Apple’s limitations,.

This would be an excellent suggestion to make in the WD forum here:
Software & App Ideas you post I will give it a heart (like) vote

Haven’t used an iOS device since I setup a My Cloud for a Family member and installed the WD app to their iPad close to a year ago. I thought there was a file upload (beyond just photos) at that time. Guess I was wrong. :laughing:

In that case thee are a few File Manager type apps that should allow one to upload files to NAS devices like the My Cloud. FileBrowser appears to be one such app, however its not free. Unknown if it is limited in what can be uploaded.

Hi Cris_Drew,

I’m assuming, that as you use Excel on iThing, you probably also use OneDrive. Although, there is no direct option to save from Excel, you could, in theory, once finished editing the file in Excel, open OneDrive, find the file you were editing (Files/Documents), hold your finger over it, to select it. Then, at the bottom right corner (speaking from iPhone perspective), find the three dots, click, and select “Open in Another App”. From here, you can select to “Copy to My Cloud”. If this option is not there, click on more, and find “My Cloud” app, and enable it.

It’s not really that much streamlined process, but it will do the job :slight_smile:

Good luck,

Chris, I use FileBrowser (FB) and I love it. It was one of the first apps we got for an iPad when we got the iPad1 years ago.We have it on our newer iPads today, and use it often… Yes, it cost six bucks – Chris consider someone can pay around $600 for an iPad, and six bucks for an app is a microscopic percentage of the cost of an iPad! It runs rings around apps that are free or even costs more. It has new features added every couple of months. Chris, it is worth it if it does what you want and it does it elegantly.

There is a Business version of FB as well. I use the personal version. You need to check out the app beyond the app store description, so go to the source, the maker of the app is here:

I do not use the app for all it’s capabilities, my iPad is for fun, not for work. Being retired now, work is just a bad memory, along with Excel spreadsheets, Word and Powerpoint. But, you still have to deal with them so check out how FB does it.

The app is very Powerful and in some ways it works like ES File Explorer does on Androids except that ESFE is ugly and geeky and FP is pretty and user friendly.

I have no idea how FB will do for what you want it for. I got FB to easily enjoy my media files on the iPad. Go check it out.

Hi a few of us have tried this and cannot get it to upload files to the My Cloud device. CHris above has tried with an Excel file, another post here has been trying with a Word file, and I have tried with a PDF file, I see the My COud as a p=location to send to, but that must be the APP and not the device.

I was able to email the PDF to myself, and even upload the PDF file to a remote online cloud I have and it showed up there so “something” works about this. But, uploading to the MC device is not available, it seems.

Hi Mike,

I don’t really get at which part you and the guys are failing.

  1. Open OneDrive, and select document;
  2. Click the 3 dots, and select open in another app;
  3. Scroll to find “My Drive”:

  1. Click Copy to My Cloud, and select folder where you want it copied.


I will re-write your first step to indicate what I and others are doing that likely explains what we are doing wrong, I think,

1 Open file on your iPhone, and select document

Steps 2 & 3 are same as yours.

I do not think we can open (select) a file on iPhone and send it to My Cloud. It likely has to be on OneDrive or one of the other cloud servers on the WD “approved list” in My Cloud app, and then it can be uploaded to the My Cloud device, right?
If someone doesn’t use any of these clouds, then their only option is to email the file on iPhone to themselves. Agree?


Yeap, i agree. As i said in the beginning, i assume that he’s using OneDrive as well. The other option, is to, as you said, send it to yourself via email, and then, use the same process, to open the attachment > open in another application > MyCloud :slight_smile:


Right, although the email attachment only needs to be saved on the PC, and then copied over to My Cloud device like any other file on PC.

Seems the process to get file onto My Cloud from iPhone should be more direct. I will leave this as a suggestion in the Ideas forum for WD to ponder over.


i have tried this post suggestions, and i confirm the i was able to upload Excel and Word using the OneDrive workaround

i also confirm that the workaround is necessary because WD MyCloud app for iOS allows only photo upload - as officially a technician from WD Support Team stated: “Using iOS only upload photos,and Android、PC (Mycloud deskop) can upload all type of files,photos、music、video、word、execl、PDF etc.

PDF: anyone has tried another app to facilitate uploading PDF file from iOS? i dont like iBook and i looking for alternative …




Have you tried Foxit?