Need help getting a My Book World Edition (Ethernet) drive to work in a USB enclosure

I purchased a MyBook World Edition (Ethernet) drive several years ago. It only works with as a network drive. There are no ports to access it via USB. Recently with new computers that has have windows 7 and 8, I’m having a problem getting the drive to show up on the network.

I just purchases a new WD 3TB Elements Drive last week and I want to transfer the data from the old MyBook drive. I got the idea to take the drive out of the network casing and inserted it into a sata external enclosure so I can now access it via USB. But for some reason I can’t get the drive to show up on windows 7.

I can hear and feel the drive power up. I can hear that windows has recognized the drive when I connect it to the USB. And I see the bubble message letting me know that windows installs the drive correctly. But it still won’t show up as an external drive in My Computer. I even tried using a jumper on several pin combinations to see if that would make a difference but it did not.

Am I wasting my time trying this? Is there something I’m missing with the configuration? Do you have any suggestions on how to get it to work?

Hello and welcome,

See if the following link helps.