Mypassport wirless fails to backup data from SD card

so I just bought this device. I connect to my computer to set it up. I have a DJI Phantom 4, it came with a 16gb sandisk microSD card. I use an SD sd card to insert the microSD card. Please note, my computer can read files off this SD card adapter to microSD with no issues, so I know it works. but when I insert into the mypassport wireless it fails.

  1. I turn on the mypassport wireless, wait for blue power light to appear and the blue wireless light comes on, both are solid.
  2. I insert the sd adapter which has the microSD card in it
  3. a few seconds later the wifi single starts blinking white
  4. i connect my iphone to the mypassport wirless
  5. i launch the mycloud app
  6. i go to settings > devices- my passport > SD card > and see its name there
    the progress meter remains at 0%, i never copies anything at all, it just sits there.

so i’m wondering whats the compatability? I’m now thinking it wont work with a sandisk SD adapter??
so how can I Backup my microSD files? why wont it read the microSD via the SD adapter?

do you offer one thats compatible?
i’m running latest firmware as on Aug 13 2016

Can anyone help me pls, anyone have this issue?

I have inserted my 64gb SD sandisk card, and it backs that up fine but it corrupts the card. i know this because when i insert the card back into my sony a7rII the camera has to rebuild the data image. This issue is only caused by the WD drive, if I use my computer to read files of the 64gb, no problem putting it back into camera.

my guess there is some kind of incompatibility. meaning I have no way what so ever to backup my pictures off the microSD card!!!

so i called WD support and got a bad response that i did not want to hear. I was told this product does NOT support SD adapters which explains the reason why it wont read files from the the microSD.

this is frustrating, nowhere does it say this disclaimer. I bought this to use with my DJI phantom and clearly i won’t be able to backup my files off the microSD. It would be ncie if it said on the box that SD adapters are not supported.
so now how do i use it to backup microSD cards. i dont own a laptop and hate using laptops, i travel as light as possible. i ride my bike out to remote areas and need a backup solution.

so frustrating and dissapointing that the device is not compatible with SD adapters.

Weird. Works just fine for me.

Hello, i have this problem too with 64GB Lexar micro SD.
Sometimes it works but I don’t understand why sometime works and sometimes not.

I have several microSD to SD adapter… But Only One works 40 or 50% of times: SanDisk Adapter (in the adapter is written microSD microSDHC and microSDXC adapter).

Pls check that you have the latest firmware.
You can also check if your SD card is on the compability list.

i have bought 3 SD adapters, nothing has worked. i’m on latest firmware and SD card is on compatability list. no matter what brand i try it just wont work. me thinks the sd adapter is not compatible with the mypassport. PNY, Sandisk and Diana are 3 brands I’ve tried. MY friend has some SD adapters and none of them worked either.
if i had known of these issues I would not have bought the mypassport, I have no means of backing up my DJI pro videos. The idea was to use an SD adapter since mypassport can’t read the mini memory cards, use the SD adapter to insert into the mypassport, but it simply won’t recognize it at all.

super bummed out. my solution is to buy several 128gb mini cards.

I had the same problem. I bought WD Passport Wireless PRO . I tried to move the video files taken by Phantom 4 to WD Wireless PRO. Direct USB connection won’t work. I tried to plug the micro SD Card to WD Wireless PRO using SANDISK SD Adapter but WD Wireless PRO won’t recognise the card at all.

I’m just wondering if I should try different SD adapter . Any ideas ?

i have tried about 5 or 6 SD adapters. i think 3 SD adapters, than a pny brand adapter and anotehr called Diana. None of them have worked. i genuinely think the wd passport is simply not compatible with SD adapters.

whenever i get the chance i bug my friends as most have sd adapters. i’ve yet to find one that works on the wd passport.

the sad part is wd passport techinical support is completely lacking, they never got back to me, except with one quick email saying they would look at it, that was months ago. since than nothing.

my guess is, this SD adapter mnust be a very low failure rate meaning not enough people complain about it or it works for most or the wd passport version released, some most work and others maybe dont. perhaps there was a revision in the models and i got one that was not compatible.

For me, I tried only Sandisk SD Adapter, the one on the left . This adapter is on the list of compatible device of WD Wireless PRO.

yup i tried Sandisk also, think is they dont have aprt numbers, one looks like another, theres no way to tell if one sandisk adapter is different from another but the sandisks adpaters are the msot common ones i come across, most of my friends have those or the pny ones.
none of them work for me.

HI John

I have just bought a Tanscend RDF5 USB 3.0 card reader and give it a try. It works ! I could move 4K Phantom4 video files to WD Wireless PRO now without any computer or iPad . Moving 16GB files less than 10 minutes, which is ok to me.

Just want to share this with you. hope it would help you too.


hi jason.
i’m a bit confused. so if i understand this picture right…you managed to insert your memory card into the transcend to upload to the WD passport?

that seems odd, does that not require a computer?
i dont think you can use USB 3 to upload pictures to the WD passport - it reads from the SD port only. the usb is for connectivity/recharge only.

if you are out in the mountains, miles away from a computer or power and all you have on you is the following:
drone, microsdxc card, iphone and wd passport.
thats my scenario, when i travel i dont have room to bring laptop, its too much. i see how a laptop would solve all my dilemmas as i simply copy to laptop than copy to wd passport
but the whole point of the wd passport and why i bought it is to copy from an SD adapter directly to wd passport, so i dont have to carry or bring laptop or extras involved.

your transcend solution i think is more like a situation at home rather than traveling out into the wilderness.

Hi John

Sorry for the confusion.

YES , it works without the computer now.

The screen shot just want to show the system recognised the Wireless Pro and Transcend Reader with Lexar 633X 16GB microSD card plugged into WIreless PRO USB port ( USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 use the same USB 2.0 host port. Not the one for charging and connect to the computer).

Before, the system can not see the MicroSD card 's content when it was plugged into Wireless PRO using SanDisk Adapter. It shows only Wireless PRO’s content ( “Storage” folder ). It means Wireless PRO cannot see the Micro SD cards and the adapter. I guesses it was the reason why Wireless PRO did not import the files on MicroSD Card.

I will fly to Myanmar in November. I just want to make sure all my SD Cards , CF Cards , MicroSD cards, Cameras and other USB devices works properly / perfectly with the Wireless PRO before the trip. I decide not to bring the laptop this time to save some space and weight.


John, here is my other post.

so here is the answer I got!!!
Thanks for your patience.

We have been able to review the system log and here what they said:

“This product is My Passport Wireless and not My Passport Wireless Pro.
From the logs, the adapter is not recognized at all and thus not supported.”

It seems to be that adapters are not supported on the my passport wireless.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.

Western Digital Service and Support

so by this rep, the product does NOT support SD adapters.

there seems to be two version a passport and a passport pro, i dont know the difference from either. all i know is the passport wireless has a SD slot but theres no way to fit anything smaller so an adapter has to be used…right, how else do you plan to backup media from a Drone Phantom whihc use the micro cards.

anyways, this si what customer support simply states, it can’t be done. yet on the forums some claim it does work for them. so how can that be? why does it work for some and others dont and customer support flat out says “not supported”

something stinks here

and why does the package not say this up front? when buying a product it needs a disclaimer up front stating NOT compatible with SD adapters. but no where does it say this, no where. find me evidence, proof of this incompatiblity??!?!

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