MyPassport Ultra 500 MB Extrmely slow paste

Used for 6-8 months, worked properly. Routinely copy file approx 750 Mb, on USB 2.0 copy 2-3 minutes, on 3.0 USB copy 1-1.5 minutes. Now when copy and paste as always have performed, it takes 20-25 minutes to copy and paste. Windows 7 32 bit, both machines do the same thing, one has 2.0 USB other 3.0 USB, doesn’t matter, copy rate still the same, also does same thing on Dell laptop, I have 2 other WD Passport, 1  1 TB, one 2 TB, both of those work properly on all three computers. Any advise would be appreciated.  THANKS IN ADVANCE

Hello and welcome to the community,

I recommend you run a diagnostic using WD DLG.

I had this issue once and fixed it by writing zeros to the drive.


Thanks, I will give it a try tommorrow when I get back to office, out for snow today in Dallas area. Thanks again and will reply with results when complete.


Hamlet for the advise. I ran dia. and started to write zeros to drive, reported something redicilous like 800 plus hours to complete writing zeros to drive, needless to say, aborted. Reran dia. and came back with several errors, drive is toast, WD support said according to the information I sent them that the drive was defective, still in warranty and they will replace.

Thanks again for the advice, might have worked it drive was not defective.