MyCloud vanished in Sierra

Good evening all.

I upgraded my MacBook Pro to MacOS Sierra V10.12 a few days ago, and from that moment my 3TB MyCloud was no longer visible in Finder and TimeMachine was no longer able to back-up.

I can still see the MyCloud device through browser access - up, responding and healthy running Firmware 2.21.119.

Also I can connect to the MyCloud device as per Shabuboy’s suggestion (here: Can’t access private folders in Finder on Mac OS X Yosemite ) but Time Machine continues to not find the back-up device.

I have also tried the SSH re-connect solution suggested here: - using the IP address - but my system replies “Connection refused” and nothing else seems to have changed.

Many thanks in advance for any help getting this frustrating problem fixed.

Did you enabled SSH in the My Cloud dashboard before attempting this?