MyCloud + Remote Access = Privacy concerns?

I’ve never enabled Remote Access for my MyCloud device, and have only used it locally on my network (no phone app).

I’ve looked for documentation on WDs site, here, pertaining to the security of your content as you enable Remote Access and have to sign in using a WD account, but can’t find anything.

If I enable Remote Access for my MyCloud device, install a phone app, sign in, and upload/view data, is there telemetry going to WD/anyone else about my access, what I am accessing, etc? Does WD have access to metadata (or more) about my personal content once Remote Access is enabled/used?


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Hi @negated,

Please refer to the article to check My Cloud OS 5: Remote Backups:

I’m not sure what your reply/link is supposed to answer, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with my query. Your link is about backups/remote and I am asking about the security and visibility of customer content and metadata to WD when remote access is enabled.

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Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

There is security. . .and there is privacy.

WD makes claims about security of your data. . .from non-authorized third parties
WD is very silent on privacy questions, such as “who authorizes third parties”; and exactly What information WD collects from your system.

Now to be fair. . . . WD clearly doesn’t have the server capacity and appears not to care about copying all your data onto their systems. . . .but who knows? The only thing you see from WD in these forums are essentially Bots. . .and not great bots either

You want to lock down your system? Start at the router; and block all internet traffic to your NAS. That way, the only way to communicate to your NAS will be through computers on the same subnet as the NAS.