MyCloud: Please DO NOT CREATE FILES and directories that I cannot control or delete

Please how to remove all  .wdmc directories (accessible only by the root user) only being on Windows 7?

Second question - how to make sure that cloud service stays disabled ALWAYS and never comes back UNEXPECTEDLY all of a sudden by itself?


Have you read our FAQ’s … in particular this thread on “Hidden .wdmc directories created by mcserver and photodbmerger and the deletion of them”.

I saw this thread. It is not helpful if I do not have a terminal access to the mycloud. It has to be access by root user in order to delete directories.
So the question is how to get such access, of course if the rest is valid.

Can you get to the Dashboard? … If so you have to turn on SSH. See page 80 of the User Manual.

This is the default username and password:

USERNAME: root   PASSWORD: welc0me     (yes, that is a zero)

If you pointed me to a good SSH client…
Also, root:welc0me did not work
sshd: worked.

Steps are:

  1. In Dashboard enable SSH access, choose password.
  2. Download and run Putty.exe
  3. Login with ‘sshd’ user and password.

I deserved a kudos start :slight_smile: Thx,