Mycloud Dashboard login problem


I’m new to the forum and to my Mycloud hardrive. I tried to access the dashboard today but I received a timeout error from the browser. I looked for advice on here and it looks like my router changed the IP address. I accessed the router and found the new one and proceeded to access the dashboard again. I was able to bring up the dashboard login which has my username pre-populated. I entered the password and it briefly took me to the dashboard home page. I say briefly because no sooner do i access it, I get kicked out right back to the login page again?

I have searched this forum and online for advice but I cannot find anything on this specific issue. I can access the server from all devices ok, just not the dashboard.

Many thanks in advance for any help offered


I have resolved issue by following advice in this similar post:

Essentially, I reset the server.  

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Thank you for sharing this.