MyCloud App for IPad file number limit

I have a 4TB MyCloud that I’ve loaded our movie collection into a shared folder. I can see all of the movies using the MyCloud app on my MacBook Pro. Using the app for the IPad, I can only see files in the shares if there are 129 or fewer files. If I add the 130th file, I can still see everything on my MacBook Pro, but the IPad shows “loading” for a second and then goes blank. When I have more than 129 files in the shared directory, I can see all the files on my IPad using other apps, but not the MyCloud app. Is there a limit on the number of files that the IPad app can display or is there some setting that I’ve missed?

Might this solution apply?

Thanks for the suggestion.  

This might have something to do with the problem, but I don’t think so.  I was actually going to explain that this didn’t solve the problem and I wanted to add more specifics about how I could make the problem appear and go away so I was looking carefully at things while I was writing this up.  In doing so, I discovered something.  There is 1 movie file in my collection that causes the loading to freeze on my IPad.  It just happened to be at number 130 in the list so when I added that file to a folder, it appeared to stop the loading at 130 files.  I can now see ALL of my movie files on my IPad if I move the 1 suspect file to another folder (where I can’t even see the suspect one in a folder by itself).

Since this is now a problem with a single file, we can list my original problem as solved and I’ll go off and work on this 1 movie file myself.

Something else that I noticed regarding icons:  All of the movie files that I purchased from itunes show the generic icon and almost all of the movie files that I archived from DVDs show the custom icon.  This doesn’t cause a problem for me, but just seemed interesting.  

My problem file was archived from a DVD and displays a custom icon on my MacBook Pro (can’t see it on the IPad).  The icons displayed on my IPad match the ones displayed on my MacBook Pro.  The problem file plays just fine on my MacBook Pro so it doesn’t appear to be corrupted.

Thanks again for your help - I’ve learned a lot.