MyCloud app and Viewing photos (still no resolve)

While i know this topic had been previously discussed (Photo Viewing Resolution with My Cloud App on Ipad), no one responded to the last user in the post (@karthik227) this is the trouble i’m running into as well.

My wife keeps complaining of running out of space on her Iphone and so i thought i’d setup our own cloud to host our photos so we could delete them off her device, but the annoying problem persists. We’re using it (mycloud) to host our photos and they look terrible. Yes, i know there are 3 different resolutions: Thumbnail, Low and HD. But i don’t have to time (or life) to literally click the “HD” button on thousands of photos to look at a “closer to true resolution” photo. What workaround or other thirdparty app will allow my to view them like my camera roll on my iphone with atleast HD if not accurate quality? There has to be a setting to view all photos in HD resolution, right? Otherwise doesn’t this defeat the purpose of having your own cloud???

@gtsaucke Which WD My Cloud device do you have? Have you read the User Manual for it?

I have the single bay white mycloud 4TB drive. What’s also disappointing is when logging into the device through the mycloud website (not connecting as a local share on the same network as the drive) on a laptop or desktop the picture quality is also very grainy. You’d think all the pics were shot at a very high ISO. This all seems very contrary to the purpose of hosting your own cloud space.

Beuller? Beuller? Anyone?? Beuller??

Just got the My Cloud Home today and we are having the same issue too. Very disappointed.