Photo Viewing Resolution with My Cloud App on Ipad

Does My Cloud App reduce resolution of photo when we view it on the Ipad?

I noticed the same photo is not as clear as when viewing in PC…it is easy to notice…just enlarge the face of the portrait…in PC you can see the detail, but not in Ipad.

If the photo is stored in Ipad…then use other app to view…it is fine.

Yes, it does.

There are THREE different resolutions for photos.

One is the “Thumbnail” used for browsing in the photos section.

Second is a Low Resolution that’s displayed when you select a photo.

Third is a “High” resolution that’s displayed when you tap the “HD” icon after selecting a photo.

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is their a way where-in we can set the High Definition view as default when we click the thumbnail, I think for most of the photos what i want to view  in the iPad is High resolution photo only. 

Let me know if there is a way to do it, else this needs to be requested as a featire embedded  into the app by WD.

Also, let me know if there is any other alternative app which can be used as one app for WD Photos and Videos as currently for videos , only way is through the wd my cloud app which is very bsic like a file explorer.