MyBookLiveDuo 6Tb B Drive failure, how to get back data from A Drive

MyBookLiveDuo 6T contains two 3Tb drives A and B, Green. I used Max Space mode instead of RAID. The system works fine for 6 years. My usage was about 2Tb plus, but most of them are photos and video.The failed B drive has been sent to Data Center for recovery data, but I was told that the drive doesn’t have any spinning sound, so they can NOT read the drive. I bought a WD 3Tb Blue, since Green out of stock. I put it into its chassis. The system works fine, Storage A and B shown good, space bar indicates 3T/6T available. No more previous data at all. I didn’t use any encryption and I didn’t use Safepoints for backup.

My questions:
1/ The most important is that it is still possible to get back any data from those two old disks?
2/ How does it store data for Max Space Mode, one drive full after goes to another one, or evenly like RAID Mode?
3/ Can I get back data remaining on A drive? And how? How about that failed B drive, any possibility?
4/ What is the best way to choose storage mode, Max Spacing or RAID?

Appreciate your support!!

I don’t know whether the below works for you, but it works for me when my MBLD system dies.

Hi, undead_geo,

Thanks for your suggestion!
My unit is set for both Windows and Mac, but one drive B is failed. I need to debrick it first.
Thanks again for support!