MyBookLiveDuo 6Tb B Drive failure, how to get back data from A Drive

MyBookLiveDuo 6T contains two 3Tb drives A and B, Green. I used Max Space mode instead of RAID. The system works fine for 6 years. My usage was about 2Tb plus, but most of them are photos and video.The failed B drive has been sent to Data Center for recovery data, but I was told that the drive doesn’t have any spinning sound, so they can NOT read the drive. I bought a WD 3Tb Blue, since Green out of stock. I put it into its chassis. The system works fine, Storage A and B shown good, space bar indicates 3T/6T available. No more previous data at all. I didn’t use any encryption and I didn’t use Safepoints for backup.

My questions:
1/ The most important is that it is still possible to get back any data from those two old disks?
2/ How does it store data for Max Space Mode, one drive full after goes to another one, or evenly like RAID Mode?
3/ Can I get back data remaining on A drive? And how? How about that failed B drive, any possibility?
4/ What is the best way to choose storage mode, Max Spacing or RAID?

Appreciate your support!!

I don’t know whether the below works for you, but it works for me when my MBLD system dies.

Hi, undead_geo,

Thanks for your suggestion!
My unit is set for both Windows and Mac, but one drive B is failed. I need to debrick it first.
Thanks again for support!

Hi, I apologize for too many months. Unfortunately my problem only happened a few days ago. The situation: as john_HX I have lost the content of my MyBook. In my case the two HDs were configured RAID 1. The environment is Windows 10 not Mac I hope your advice is also good for win. I also made another attempt: without trying to access the two HDs, I extracted them (one at a time) and used WD’s data lifeguard to see the SMART attributes situation. The utility gave FAIL for both of them. I put the two hd’s back in the same position they were in before. I have never assigned passwords for encryption.
You have already understood my question: is that intervention you recommended to john_HX possible even under win 10? If so, could you add me some more explanations? I am not experienced enough to apply your explanation directly.
Thanks anyway for what you can do to help me.
In the meantime, happy new year

Hi, the thread I referred previously works for Windows and Mac scenario. And no matter whether you set a password or not on your MBLD, it will be encrypted. If you don’t set a password, it would use the default password described in the thread. So, yes, you can try the steps in thread to try to recover your data.

Thanks undead_geo, for the suggestion,

I clicked the link and downloaded the pdf. I tell you immediately that my experience is almost all about relational data base environments (registry and the like) so programming languages aimed more at the human level than at the “system” level.

At a first reading of the pdf I felt suffocated :):slight_smile:

I will try to orient myself and if it does not bother you, I will ask you a few questions. In fact my problem was double retrieving the data and reviving an object that has a certain cost. Let’s laugh together: if you bought a device that contains 2 HD of decent size and configured the whole RAID 1 then where do you put the backups?

Anyway, I’ve recovered a good deal of the data. there is still a part that was saved only on the RAID and then understand if the hardware part is recoverable or if I have to say goodbye to the almost 350€ spent in its time.

For the moment thank you and to meet again soon.

Best regards