MyBook Live never goes to sleep - is that a problem?

  1. My new 2TB MyBook Live seems to never go to sleep, even when the PC’s of the home network both are turned off. (MyBook is connected to the router, which is always on.) is it a problem that it’s running 24/7/365? (I’m thinking of durability.) Usually I don’t like to have anything electrical running when leaving the house …

  2. What shall I do if I have to move the thing to another room, house or part of the world? Somehow it has to be shut down, and a quick and dirty solution on that problem is pretty unhealthy, I guess. Is it enough to disconnect the drive from “this computer” before I turn off the power?

Thank you for any advice!


  1. It is not a problem to have the drive running 24/7, it will not go to sleep if remote access, Twonky Server or iTunes Server are enabled.

  2. The MBL needs to be turned off by the Dashboard, in a browser yo go to http://mybooklive, then Settings > Utilities > Reboot / Shutdown.


there is also a shtudown command right in the quick view prompt in your notification area.

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Thanks to both of you - Vadir and cman548 - for your help! I can sleep well now, even if the thing is working.