MyBook essential 1tb as a network hard drive?

Is this possible? Ive tried connecting directly to the modem/router but i see no results at all. Im running a Ubee DDW365. I dont know if that router will accept the HDD as its a rental through time warner. If this isnt possible is there a way to just connect through my PC and make the drive available to the rest of my network?

Thanks in advance.

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You will need to confirm if the router will accept sharing a USB hard drive and the specific steps needed in order to configure the hard drive and the router. Please bear in mind that even if the router features USB sharing, it is possible for the router and your WD My Book to be incompatible due to hardware and/or firmware design.

You can share a USB hard drive over your network by assigning the same properties and permissions as local shares. However, as soon as the computer itself is no longer active on your network (For example, if the computer goes to sleep) the hard drive will no longer be detected. Instructions for assigning network sharing permissions to USB drives are available over the Internet.


I am assuming that the modem does not allow this.

Thanks for the reply.

Any time.