My WD passport beeps and not recognized

I really need the drive to work again - I have so much research in the drive. I cannot not get it back.

Did you try it using a different USB cable?

I tried and it makes a different kind o sound. Like a tick. Help?

Can you hear the drive spin-up and stay spinning?

Yes it spins and it keeps on spinning. I also only found a cable that is
longer than 45 cm, - I read something about it online.

I’m going to ask a daft question. Have you tried a shorter USB cable?

I’m sorry but can you tell me what to do next or if there is hope of
recuperating files?

You’ve really not given lot for people (or me) a lot of information to work with and also one way of troubleshooting is a process of elimination. If you know someone who has another Mac, can you try your drive in that.

Another option to try is to get (and I don’t know if your drive is USB2 or USB3) a USB3 powered hub. Plug the hub into your laptop, the PSU for the hub into a mains power outlet and the drive into the USB3 hub. It’s possible, for whatever reasons, your USB drive is not getting enough power to operate properly.

From the little bit of information you’ve given the current diagnosis is that, unfortunately, your external drive may have died, that it’ll never work again and if you need your data then you’ll have to send your drive off to a data recovery specialist and pay their price to recover your stuff.

I have tried it in another mac. It made the same sound.

Would you please be so kind to forward me an address in Europe where I can
send my hard drive at to recover the files? Or direct me in the system.

Thnx again

If not already done so, you need to register the drive then request an RMA online. From what you’re describing it looks like your drive is non-functional. As to the data, Wd won’t recover the data. All data on the drive is not WD’s responsibility. If you really need your data recovering that you need to use the services of a data recovery specialist, but it’ll be bye-bye warranty for your drive. Maybe WD Support can suggest a good data recovery specialist.

Still, just in case I’ve got it wrong. maybe better to actually call Western Digital support so you’re speaking to a technical support person and tell your problem before RMAing your drive. It’s possible WD may have a better solution.

I’ve never has to use a data recovery specialist. Best thing to do is start searching Google? Maybe others on the forum will know some good data recovery specialists?

Got it! My priority are my data and will move accordingly.

Thanks again so much!

I do have quite an important question to ask. The external USB drive you’re got. Goes is support AES encryption so you can also password protect the drive.

I’m asking this because I believe that such drives always encrypt data storied on the physical disk regardless of a password being set or no password.

If this is the case and the drive’s mechanically broken then your chances of getting your data recovered a very slim. It would be best if you talk to a data recovery company about this.

It goes without saying, everyone’s own data is their ultimate responsibility. You should have a back-up.

Unfortunately, drives fail. for myself, I’ve got multiple backups. the main NAS is RAID5 and I got two lower specified NASs that frequently get synchronised with the main NAS in case the enture main NAS dies. I’m using spike and RF suppression and even spike suppression between the cable modem and router.

One of the WD NASs I’ve got has both drives enclosed in something that looks like a Faradays cage.

I hope the best for you. Hope you get your data recovered.