My WD my passport ultra 1 TB became RAW

it became RAW instead of NTFS
and my computer can’t read it
also it appears as unallocated in the disk management and i can’t even format it
what can i do ? and can i fix that to not lose my data ?


Sounds like the file system of the drive got corrupted.

As a recommendation, try using a data recovery software to see if you are able to get the data out of the drive.

If you make the right click on top of disk 1, it should give you the option to initialize the disk and then it will allow you to create a new volume. However, this will require you to reformat the drive and the data might be harder to recover.

Make sure you try to get the data first.

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Thanks for replying
well the problem is I can’t even format the disk
it’s sad but I think it might be a hardware problem
in fact i mistakely dropped it on the ground then all this started
anyway thanks