My passport

I have 2 WD My Passport 2TB portable drives.

Both work fine,  except when I try to connect them

to my computer.

I connect one drive and it pops, works like a dream, I the add the second drive 

to my system, and the system tells me it’s there BUT CANNOT READ.

I remove both drives and then connect the 2nd drive, it pops and works like a dream, but 

both drives connected together, FORGET IT.

I have connected both drives and rebooted, system only recognises one drive, swap drives, recognises new drive.

Have connect one to M/Board USB 3.0, other to ADDON USB 3.0 Card still only recognises one drive.

They use to both work together, but now ???

I am running win8.1 pro.

Ca anyone give me any IDEAS???

It’s a Windows thing check this link



Take a look at this link. Hope it helps.

Only one drive is seen when connecting two WD external drives of the same size to a Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC