My Passport Ultra- Full Devise? - Or is it?

WDBZFP0010BBL - My Passport Ultra
Went to back-up today and it is advising me that my devise if full. No problem.
However, I have several back-ups rather than just the one!.. i.e the first and original bakup is just in the F: menu, the subsiquent backups of which there are three, which are saving themselves in folders called, WD Backup.swstor, Volume and History. Is there a way to merge all of the files, dedupe them or is it a case of looking at all of the individual files and deleting to make space?
Alternatively, I do have a spare back-up drive at work, I could back up now to that, delete the Passport and them copy the most recent back onto the Passport?
What are you thoughts - Not too technical!?


You could refer to the following link:

Jemma…today, Ive been posting some comments on Disk full etc. Here is one in the other forum… Unable to restore a file

I’ve been finding some interesting info about the Backups and the sizes. Most of us do not know what the sizes and number of files/folders that are stored either on the PC or definitely on the Passport Drive. I see users running out of space even on large 4T drives. My 1T was slowly creeping up (a 6mo user). When I did my schedule, I did not completely understand the choices…I did most everything under User, myPC, almost everything including AppData. As I started to do a Properties on the folders, I realized that some contain tons of data. For me, one was under AppData/local/mozilla…down to the Entries folder…under both the History and Volume(…) Passport folders. As I stated in a previous post, over 4million files, but only 40G of size.

So, I investigated a disk query program… I found one called TreeSize for free. Expanded the tree (wait till it completes) after it completed and Wow! So first, you need to find out where your Backup files are stored and their statistics before you can decide the next step. As far as consolidating the various backups or purging of the old data, for space, try TreeSize or another similar pgm. You can expand the folders to drill down into each…I use Windows Snip to print each page, couldn’t find a pgm print of the expanded tree statistics.