My Passport ultra 6 months old suddenly started showing "not readable"

I was using My passport Ultra 1 TB on my PC windows 7 and MacBook Pro with Mac OS Sierra with FAT 32 formatting. It has about 300 GB of data. Suddenly on Windows 7 when I connect this drive message comes “You need to format this drive before using it” On Mac, when I connect the message comes “this drive is not readable” Disc utility shows the drive, unmounted, used 1 TB data. First Aid shows “Failed, unknown file system” WD drive utility- Drive status, quick drive test, and complete drive test passed… Could not find any solution for the problem. Can anyone suggest a remedy please? Thanks

There might not be a remedy. Though FAT32 is readable by both systems, they are still not compatible with each other. It is probable that the drive’s file system got corrupted. You can try a data recovery software to see if you can restore the drive partition, but you will most likely never recover any corrupted data.

Thanks for the response. Can you please suggest me a good free/paid data recovery software?

Unfortunately, I can’t. Besides, there might be some new ones out there that I don’t know of, anyway.

OK Thanks anyway…