My Passport Studio with Firewire 800 & USB 3.0

Do you have any plans to launch external drives powered from laptops with Firewire 800 and USB 3.0 connectivity?

Why not My Passport Studio with Firewire 800 & USB 3.0?          (It currently is UB 2.0 and Firewire 800)

I have a very good reason to ask this.

My current laptop has Firewire 800 and USB 2.0 connectivity.

Thinking ahead, (next year sometime), I would envisage upgrading my laptop. USB 3.0 & Firewire 800 would be good to have on a new drive I am contemplating purchasing for a trip abroad early next year.

I realise that I am probably in the minority, but I’m not so sure about that. I suspect that. there is probably a big market for this settup as there are many Mac users like me.

I am loking for a !TB My Passport type of drive with UB 3.0 and Firewire 800 connectivity.