WD My Passport Studio - Perfect Edition

I really like with design of WD My Passport Studio, but with a little touch of it would be perfect. Here is an idea for improvement:

Advanced Universal Connection

To be widely used on PC and Mac, the WD My Passport Studio must have one USB 3.0 (for PC) and two FireWire 800 (for Mac). Will be much better if it is compatible with Thunderbolt (which one will come soon with Intel’s Ivy Bridge).

Swappable Disk

As described StorageReview: “the My Passport Studio may be one of the rare cases where users could swap out the drive pretty easily for something else”. It’s a great idea, maybe later I can replace it with faster (7200 rpm) or larger HDD, even Hybrid HDD/SSD.

Rugged Case

Provide the WD My Passport Studio with special rugged case simiar to WD Nomad.

With a beautiful view of this, WD My Passport Studio “Perfect Edition” will successfully become the world’s best portable hard.

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One more …

Built-in Hardware-based AES 256-bit Full Drive Encryption

Maybe this technology not yet available, but not impossible.Currently, software-based encryption felt uncomfortable, troublesome, and not universally-portable (plug and play).

i plugge my passport on an old computer running xp sp2 it did not show and when i tried on my laptop and my new desktop it say usb unrecognised  could it be the usb is burnt or corrupted please help