My Passport Shows Incorrect Space Available

I have a Passport 2T connected to my MacBook Pro. Previously I was able to backup my MacBook Pro via Time Machine to this drive. Since removing the Time Machine folder from the drive, however, I am unable to back up my computer because the Passport incorrectly shows 55.9GB free, although the only other files on this disk (which are my external photo files) take up only 368GB of the total 2TB on the disk. How can I reclaim the what should be more than 1.6GB free space on this drive without destroying my photo files?


I recommend you move these files to another location and then format your drive. It is possible the partition is corrupted and that’s why is you are having this issue.

I was hoping not to have to move my files to a different location. But I realize that may be what I end up having to do. Thanks for the reply.