My Passport Portable 4TB Drive shows Full... but is not?!

When I click on my passport portable 4TB drive and check properties it shows it as full .

When I go through and click on each of the folders on the drive and check properties, I get nowhere near that amount of space being taken up.

I have about 700MB to backup and assume that after it was backed up… it may duplicate once, but then would only update new files.

The Western Digital backup software does not seem to offer many options. In the past when I used a free third-party piece of software called BackUp it seems to work much better and had choices over the Western Digital. It could be I’m just missing something.

Does anybody know why this is?

Or should I just format the drive and use Windows Backup? This seems like it might be the better choice, but I’m not sure.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Hi drol343,

Are you using WD Backup software to backup the data in your WD My Passport External Hard Drive?

If yes, You can refer the below mentioned article to know the reason behind such issue.

Yes I am using Western Digital backup software.

No offense, but it is pretty bare-bones and not clear to the user, well I am 68 year old user but normally don’t have any problems with software and understanding set up choices and then knowing what it’s doing, but this is not very clear.

I want something that I can set up backup to occur, and then know that after that it will only be backing up new files. There’s different kinds of backups like full backups, erc. but you seem to only give us one choice and it’s not clear as to what it’s actually doing.

Also when you try to use the app it takes up full screen after you pick the back up process and you can’t make it smaller and it really gives very little information.

And like I said in my initial question, at the max I only have 700 megabytes to backup, and like the reference you gave me says, it would double that. But that should be no problem because I have a 4 terabyte drive.