My Passport For MAC


I just purchased a 1TB My Passport HD and all went well installing it and, setting security and installing my files for backup


The issue I am having is in trying to eject the HD;s Desktop icon from my iMac which is using the latest OS of Yosemite.

When I  eject the HD icon a window comes up saying “The disk My Passport for MAC wasn’t ejected because one or more programs may be using it”.  If I try Force Eject a warning comes up that doing so could damage filkes. 

I checked and closed all programs I could tell that were running including WD Drive Utilities and WD Security in the Applications file.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing the eject warning and how I can clear it.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!!!

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Thanks everyone I figured it out.  There was a download running in the background that I did not know about.  The icon boogies off the Desktop now with no problem.  Really like this little HD and excellent software with it.

Welcome to the Community and thank you very much for sharing the outcome.

Often, a background process can indeed affect hardware removal.

I am having the same issue- everything that I am aware of is closed. Plugged into the iMac all night- still won’t eject. What to do?

I’ve been dealing with the same issue with a My Passport for Mac 4.0 TB since March 30. They replaced it twice (took forever). Still having the same issue & hoping to get the SSD version now. Otherwise, I’m selling any replacement & going with other options.