Can't eject brand-new passport for mac

I just purchased a my passport Ultra for Mac; connected it to my MacBook Pro running Mojave, installed software, and tried to eject but I get a message that it can’t eject, something may still be using it. There is nothing using it that I can see and I haven’t put any data on it yet. What is going on? I never had issues w/ my Seagate drive. Flummoxed and frustrated.

If the Mac says something is using it, then something IS using it. You’ll need to find out what it is.

WD software that you install, is it WD Discovery? If it is then use the WD Discovery app, the icon on the top right of your screen to eject the drive.

How do I figure out what is using it if there’s nothing obvious (like it’s copying over files, etc.)

I have a similar problem, with my two Passport Ultra drives (I have no problems with the non Ultra drives). Did yours ever get resolved?

Nothing seems to be running, and I get no error messages… but they don’t eject.