My Net N900 Shut down on first day of Use

WD support needs to address all current owners of the N900 series . We need to know if this is a firmware issue or hardware problem.  I can give it two weeks before I bring mine back to the retailer.  

WD please let us know where we stand with your product ? 

Hello, i have a n750, i have it like for 4 mounth now, i play online game alot, war thunder, first i hade this disconecting from the server, unti i turned on the DMZ in the security, for my pc where i play the game from, then it whent a bit bether, then, i uppdated the n750, not i have disconection like every 15 min or so, even if i have open ports for the game, and have this DMZ on, so i think somthing is wrong whit that the new firmware.

hope they this problem really fast, cos now this routers are unusebal for unusable for gaming.

So far everyday I have to power down the N900 to get all wired and wireless back online. I have 13 days to give Wd time to do firmware update .>> If that is the problem ?. I Can`t believe a company of this size does not respond to thier customers frustration. 

aha, okey i dont have that problem, i just have the problem that i get disconected from my game, and its the router that does it, but i found i solution for it, dident know that one, 

i was reading the manual, i use cabal to my stationary pc, where i play, 

so i found this in the manual serch for  wired AP, and read about it, that solved my problem, but i dont know if it will solve urs, but give it a tray if u use som of that conect whit a cabel.


Seems to be more of a issue when under heavy use with Hard drive attached and lots of wifi connections.  

It simply shut off wired and wireless , but the unit is still  powered on with lights still on. 

Any word on a resolve or a firmware upgrade? I have one week left to try to keep this unit. We like it when it works but won’t risk it to be a guinea pig. 

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