My first back up to Mac time machine is wired best ? and how fast?

I can fully understand the convenience of having a WireLess hard drive connected to a Wireless Router connected to my MacBookPro.

I was recently going to backup my laptop with Time Machine and MyBookLive wirelessly ! it estimated about 12 to 15 hours, sounds like i have to disable Sleep Mode and leave it all running all night and half the next morining  LOL

I looked at some posts here and it seems that for my first backup i should connect my lap top to my router with a cable, that wont be a problem, particularly if it is proven to be faster, but i cant my head around the fact MyBookLive is labelled as 1 gigabit and my router is also labelled as 1 gigabit on a Lan socket  so why do i see such slow speeds being found on here.

And how can i find out how fast my Backups are being transmitted ?, thanks


Yes, use a wire.

If the switch is capable of gigabit throughput, and the laptop you’re using has a gigabit ethernet port, and the means of copying data isn’t too cpu intensive, you can get about 70mbyte/s copying speeds. I achieve this with a very cheap TP-link switch, onboard realtek nic, and nfs to transfer data.

Generally one of the above isn’t true. People use computers that don’t have gigabit cards, and complain that they get only 10mbyte per second. Or people use a wireless network, in which case speeds can easily drop below 1mbyte/s. Occasionally people use a gigabit-capable computer, and the gigabit-capable NAS, but insist on pushing all the data through a 100/10 switch built into a “router”. Or people insist on using samba to share files, which limits you to around 40mbyte/s. There are many, many reasons why the transfer speed can be slow. Most are really obvious.

Timing the backup is best done on the computer, as then you don’t need ssh access. I tend to write the data and time to a log file when starting the backup, and again when it finishes.


Thanks for that sensible answer,  you use a lot of words i dont understand, but then i probably dont need to understand all of them, me being both nearly 65 and a bit of newbie (with Apple computers anyway).

I have just looked and YES i do have an alleged gigabit ethernet port, on my Apple Lap Top is, i do know the sockets on my Router ARE NOT a gigabit, i hope to get a Router on Monday that is Gigabit equipped;-

TP-Link TL-WR1043ND Ultimate Wireless-N Broadband Gigabit Router w/ USB Storage Port (300Mbps)

which i notice is the same make as yours LOL, so things could improve eh.

I believe that you can directly connect the MBL to  your mac and bypass the router.

( be sure to use a cat 6 cable to make the gigabit connection).